Saturday, February 18, 2017


I can remember being in the third grade, and the boys were so bad and always getting in trouble. And as a young girl, thinking ahead, I did not want to have boys of my own! I wanted only girls. Coming from a family of three girls, I thought girls were perfect and easy, and I knew God would give me girls.


God clearly had other plans for me! He has proven me wrong, and has BLESSED me, and Paul, with two precious boys.

They are full of energy. Eat more than I ever expected. Only sleep when they HAVE to. Love to rough and tumble. Could play in the dirt or outside all day. Love going on outings with Daddy, whether to LOWES, or just to get donuts! Yet also love to help me bake cookies and muffins. Have imaginations that keep them entertained on their own. Are still learning to share. Can sit and listen to books. Give the best hugs and snuggles.

And are super excited to be able teach another baby BROTHER everything they already know!!

Baby boy #3 coming in July!

God Bless

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