Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring and Spring Break 2015

This past week has been Spring Break for Hudson and me. It has been absolutely wonderful! I have LOVED every minute with this little guy and getting to know his little big personality! It's amazing how much of a little boy he is now. 

We started the week celebrating Easter and Our Lord's resurrection! We had to keep the 2-3 year old Sunday School room, so we just stayed in town and had a beautiful day as a family. 
The rest of the week, Hudson and I played out side a lot (this kid was seriously born to be outside), went to the park a couple of times, went to the library a couple of times, and played with new things here at home. 

Easter celebration at school last Thursday before we got off! He loved finding the hidden eggs, but then he also loves to share, so he gave most of them to his friends. :) 
We of course dyed our own eggs. He got to drop the eggs in the water and watch them turn colors. 
Playing outside was definite every day, usually twice a day! There are endless possibilities for what we can do, and his curious, exploring mind always found different things to do. Whether he was collecting sticks and acorns, pulling his lawn mower all over the yard, climbing up and down "the hill", throwing the ball for Vance, trying to catch ants, or simply sitting in the sun, he was the most content when he was outside.
Plus, when you add buckets full of bubbles or even just water, everything gets way better and exciting! Now we can't go outside without him grabbing his big blue bucket and taking it over to the hose for me to fill up!
Stomping through puddles is just as fun, though!
The park was a great place to run, slide, climb, swing, and explore.

Stroller rides in the morning - good for everyone! 
Homemade popsicles! Can't go wrong there - until the dog tries to lick every drop off the ground, your shirt, your shoes, your face, your hands...
Our local library has a neat little children's section. There are various activities for them to play with and explore, and the light up table was one of his favorites. We didn't make it to story time, but hopefully we will become weekly regulars this summer. 
I'll be honest, I tried to find ideas on Pinterest of "busy activities" for him to play with while I baked, cleaned, cooked, etc. We went to the Dollar Store one day and picked out some fun things. He enjoys the bag of pom-poms, and I provided a variety of things for him to put them in - ice cube tray, paper cups, old containers, etc, and he sits each day and plays with them! The cups alone provide entertainment for him - I never know what I'll find in one! :)

This week has certainly gone by too fast. It's hard to believe that come Monday we will be back at school, but the crazier part is that summer will be here in only 7 weeks! And I have a feeling these next 7 weeks are going to go by even faster! While I'm excited and ready for summer, I also don't want to wish away or just watch time go by. In 7 weeks he will have changed and grown even more than I can probably guess, and part of me really wants time to slow down. I try to never take any time with him, or any family, for granted. These are precious moments that we can never get back, and I want to savor them and soak them up as much as I can. 

God Bless