Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Easter

Praise God, our Lord and Savior is Risen!
What an AWESOME God we serve and love!

We had a wonderful Easter. We went down to the lake to spend it with Paul's family. It was a great weekend just hanging out and spending time together as a family.

Friday night we went out to eat at mexican restaurant. Hudson did great in his little booster seat. He enjoyed being able to stare look around at all the other people, and listen to the servers sing "Feliz Cumplianos" and clang cymbals.
Saturday we were able to play with Grammie, Grampy, Aunt Anna, and Uncle Kevin. It was a little chilly, so we weren't really able to go outside much, but we did enjoy a couple walks around the yard.
Sunday we went to church and then lunch. It was a lovely service (most of which Hudson and I spent watching from the family room so he could crawl around), and lunch was delicious.

At home on Sunday, Hudson got his Easter basket from the Easter Bunny. He got a few books (a couple classic favorites), some spoons (still one of his favorite toys), and a train that makes noise and lights up.

We had a very sweet and special first Easter with Hudson. My prayer has always been that this sweet little boy will one day grow up to know and love our Lord, that he will understand the depth of God's love for us, and that he will know that his Lord is risen and alive.

God Bless

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Break

Spring Break has come and gone (2 weeks ago, actually), and I had an AMAZING week at home with my sweet baby boy.

Here's some of what we did...

Monday - we played all day and had a ball! I can't believe how much he has changed in 8 months!
Hudson decided he didn't want to eat pureed foods any more, so we started working on eating finger foods that he could "gum" easily. He actually has a good pincher grasp for being only 8 months!
We also baked Daddy some yummy bread!
Tuesday - we went for a walk in the morning and played all over the house the rest of the day - where ever he wanted! Hudson found some new things to play with (since Mommy certainly hasn't used them recently)

Wednesday - we celebrated Hudson turning 8 months old!

Thursday - Hudson and I went to visit Daddy at the office! Paul went to stay at his parents house right after work before going to The Master's on Friday, so we went to have lunch with him. Hudson got to sit in Daddy's chair - and got a good report! No teeth = no cavities
But even with no teeth, he still enjoys eating Inner Peas and Baby Mum-Mums
After Hudson went to bed, I planted our first vegetable garden - potatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, peas, and cucumbers.
Friday - We missed Daddy while he was at The Masters, but we played some golf ourselves...kinda!
Hudson tried some roasted sweet potatoes today! He seemed to like them after a couple of bites.
Saturday - we waited for Daddy to come home! We played a lot, Hudson crawled all over the house, and tried to climb the banister!
He also got to try some baby friendly pancakes (gluten free, egg free, and dairy free)

We had a WONDERFUL week together! I loved being able to spend every day with this little guy. He is growing up way too fast, and I loved being able to watch him figure out new things, try new things, explore the world around him, and enjoy life. He is truly a happy baby, full of personality and love.

God Bless

Thursday, April 10, 2014

8 months

Happy 8 Months to Hudson Noah!

This past month was definitely characterized by physical development! He's a bright little boy, and as soon as he figures out a new skill, he takes off with it! It's like the light switch is turned on and it's not going off! It's so much fun to watch him practice, work through, and figure these skills out (specific ones in the following list). He works so hard, and is so proud of him self when he finally does something! It makes me and Paul very proud, too!

-he is sitting all by him self all the way all the time
-he is also crawling all over the place!! he finally figured out how get up and move! and he hasn't stopped! he loves being on the ground chasing toys, Vance, playing with anything and everything he can his hands on. 
-he also just figured out how to pull to his knees and then to his feet - which he actually seems to enjoy more than crawling! he'll crawl over to something, and then stand up (refer to previous blog post). 
-just the other day he decided he wasn't going to eat pureed foods any more. the other week a friend of ours sent him some Baby Num-Nums and he loved them! i think he liked being able to feed himself, so he just decided that he wasn't going to be spoon fed any more and he was only going to feed himself. it's been a challenge finding things that he can, and will, actually eat, though - we tried cut up kiwi, grapes, avocado, bananas, and black beans, and he didn't like any of those; so then I made some oatmeal bites and roasted sweet potatoes, and he actually liked those! 
-he's also developed a pretty good pincher grip for an 8 month old, if I may say so myself. the teacher in me is quite pleased! he's able to pick up those small pieces and get them to his mouth - whether or not they actually make into his mouth is not always happening. 
-he's responding to his name more
-he remembers where things are - especially things we don't want him playing with. like the dirty vacuum cleaner, his monitor in the chair by his crib, the chair legs that he wants to climb on
-he's becoming a love-bug - he loves to give "kisses", bear hugs, and just cuddle up!

Love this little guy so much. He is our sweet miracle, and blessing each and every day. We are so thankful for him and treasure every moment. 

God Bless

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Standing Up!

Hudson's new trick is pulling himself up to standing! He LOVES to pull himself up on anything and everything! He'll crawl over to something, get his hands in position, get on his knees, and then pull right on up to his feet! He'll stand up, look around, start playing with things, take a hand off ("two hands, Hudson!!!"), take a couple steps around, and then usually I pull him down before he falls. But then, he'll go somewhere else, and start all over again! He's so proud of himself and always looks at me, like "Look, Mama! Look what I can do!" And I am so proud of him! :)

Daddy's step stool
 The chair his great-grandfather refinished for him
 His step stool
 His rocking chair
 His Bumbo
 A gift box (which then he will climb all the way on top of and plank on!)
Storage boxes
 The table legs
 A dining room chair
 And of course, the pantry - he just wanted a snack I guess

This is such a fun age! He is so full of life and energy, and keeps me on my toes already! I can't image what life will be like when he actually starts walking! It won't be long, I bet. 

God Bless