Saturday, February 14, 2015

18 Months!

Our little boy is growing up fast! He was 18 months on the 9th!

Its amazing to see how much he is growing, not only physically, but as a little boy too! He's very observant (always has been), very smart, very helpful, and very sweet.
He loves to play with anything with a lid, help me cook (he's very good at stirring), read books, and sing songs (his favorites are the ABC song, head-shoulder-knees-and-toes, and skittamarink).
He's also got this really funny humorous side. He loves making people laugh, and when he figures out, he will keep doing it! He's can be a really silly kid! :)
He's still not talking, but he finds his own way of communicating. He "talks" and "sings" all day long, and will carry a conversation with you, but no real words just yet. No doubt though, when he does figure talking out, I have a feeling he won't stop! He already has a lot to say!
You know, just a little light vacuuming. 
And of course, any time outside is taken! We've had a few nice days this winter, and as soon as we get home from school, we bundle up and head out side. Whether its pushing his lawn mower, raking the leaves, or simply playing with the pine straw, he LOVES being out side!

Raking some leaves
Chilling at the park.
Helping Daddy put together his new step stool so he can help me in the kitchen
without me having to carry him or put him on the counter.
Being silly and playing with the paper wrapping from our Amazon box. 
Definitely an "I can do it myself" phase as well, very independent little guy!  
Sleeping on a big boy mat at school. He doesn't nap long,
but he's out of the crib on the floor with all the other kids. 

And of course, Hudson was so pleased to announce that he's going to be a big brother! We are very excited to be blessed with another baby. Little brother or sister will be joining us sometime towards the end of July. Another summer baby! :)

I still can't believe he's 18 months! Time is going by way too fast, and before we know it, we'll have another little blessing alongside him. God is SO good!

God Bless