Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's a ....


Paul and I are proud to announce that Baby Reid is a boy! 

We found out a couple of weeks ago, but have not wanted to share until telling all of our family. We shared with my family while we were in Belize, but wanted to wait till we could share with Paul's family in person as well. 

Today we hosted a Gender Reveal Party for his family and some of our friends. It was a great afternoon, filled with laughter and fun....and a lot of anticipation! 

I made a bunch of desserts, decorated with blue and pink, for pre-reveal, and special cupcakes with blue icing in the middle for the reveal. After socializing for a little while, and watching the Masters in the background of course, everyone grabbed a cupcake, and bit into them to see the inside. 

Last week I made the cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops (as take-aways), and then today we decorated everything, and made brownies and rice krispie treats. 

Everyone made their predictions on either bow ties or hair bows. It was almost a tie! 

These were from the reveal with my family in Belize. Another very exciting evening! My parents will now have two grandsons! After a household of girls, the boys will soon be taking over!

We are very excited about a little having a little boy! God has blessed us beyond our dreams. 

God Bless!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Spring Break!
Who doesn't love spring break?
Who doesn't love spring break spent in Belize with your family!?!

My family had been planning a trip to Belize for the summer. However, when we found out I was pregnant and due in August, we realized that I probably shouldn't be traveling internationally in the summer, so my amazing family all rearranged their schedules and we were able to go last week.

We had an AMAZING time! The weather was gorgeous! The meals were fantastic! Sitting by the pool and on the beach was perfect!

To get to the island we stayed on we had to take one of these prop planes over. They tell you where to sit to balance out the weight!

This is where we stayed - you can barely see it -- it's the one farthest on the left. It was right on the beach, which was great. 

Everyone drives golf carts on the island. The only cars are taxi vans. My Dad rented a cart that sat six, which was perfect for us. Most of the streets are cobble stones, but some are still just dirt paths. It made for a bumpy ride, but added to the beach feel. 
This is a picture of downtown San Pedro, which, surprisingly, has a lot going on - lots of stores (mostly tourist shops), restaurants, vendors, etc. 

One day we went snorkeling, which was incredible! We got to see all sorts of coral, fish, sharks, sting rays, sea turtles, plants, and other sea life! It was all gorgeous! I got in at the first stop, but after in hour in the water with a current, I started feeling nauseous, so I stayed in the boat the other times and took pictures. My brave siblings and husband got in with all these nurse sharks! Our guide even caught one, and they all got to pet it. Hanna tried to hold it, but it got feisty and swam away. Fearless!!

 This little guy was the star of the vacation, of course! He LOVED every moment there. He loves being outside and couldn't wait each morning to put on his suit to go swimming or play on the beach. I'm so amazed at how big he is getting - and so FULL of life! He's going to be a great big cousin to Baby Reid!

Some scenic shots. The first two are from the apartment Paul, Hanna, and I shared. We were on the third floor, so we had great views!!

These are looking from the balcony of the apartment my parents, and Meredith and her crew shared. They were on ground level, so we spent a lot of time hanging out in their place and on their porch.

There were so many lizards, geckos, and iguanas living around the apartments! This big fellow lived right outside my parents apartment and Henry loved looking for him everyday. 

The happy couple! A little pink, but happy and content nonetheless. We came to Belize almost five years ago for our honeymoon. It was fun to go back and to revisit some of the places we had visited the first time.

Five years ago in Belize - just for a fun comparison! 

A special "thank you" to my parents and aunt and uncle who made this trip possible! We had the time of our lives, and will always hold the memories made close to our hearts!

God Bless