Sunday, November 8, 2015

3 Months

Foster was 3 months on October 27! He is growing and changing every day, and it's so much fun being him!

-he can fully support his head
-he loves sitting up and being able to look around - he doesn't want to miss a thing
-and of course his favorite thing to watch is his big brother! He loves watching Hudson and I think gets bored with me on the days Hudson goes to school!
-he is starting to roll to his side. We practice rolling over from back to belly, and belly to back, and I don't think it will be long before he can roll on his own
-he will push up on his legs like he wants to stand and walk when we hold him up - he's quite a strong little fellow!
-he has the sweetest smile and laugh and he loves to laugh
-he is starting to "talk", and will have little conversations with us
-he loves his Daddy, and his face lights up every night when Paul comes home
-he isn't the best sleeper - but we're working on it. most days he takes a bunch of short naps, every once in a while, he'll take a good, long, nap; but I'm trying to start "sleep training" and getting him to fall asleep in his own (i.e. without Mommy rocking to him sleep every time). I have a feeling it's going to take a while, he likes being rocked. And at night he's still up at least twice; recently, it's been more like three times. fortunately, he usually goes right back to sleep, so Mommy can too; sometimes I have to coax him back to sleep!
-he's a good eater, and we're finally stretching out to about 2.5 hours between feedings! Hopefully we can get to every three hours by Christmas (that's my goal!)

God Bless