Wednesday, March 30, 2016

8 months

I think I might actually get a Foster update out "on time" this month!
I don't have the monthly picture yet, but I have a lot to say and a lot of other fun pictures to share!

This has been a big month for Foster!

We have moved to Rock Hill, and Foster is doing great! He made the transition and move very well, and is adjusting like a pro.

He is crawling - ALL OVER the place! There's no stopping him now, he's on the move!

Now that he can move, he seems to be happier. He can get what he wants, go where he wants, play with Hudson more, explore, and unfortunately scare Mommy too!

He started pulling up on to his knees, and now even up on to his feet! He's pulling up on to anything and everything, which is not always a good thing as he learns balance and limits; for example, pulling up on a chair while under the table will result in a bumped head. :(

He puts everything and anything in his mouth! I don't remember Hudson doing this as much, but Foster will put anything in his mouth! We really have to watch him closely, especially with small toys and when we're outside. I've caught him on multiple occasions trying to put leaves, sticks, or rocks into his mouth.

He is eating like a champ! He still loves his baby pureed foods, but really loves his puffs, and Veggie Straws! I'm trying to give him more real food (not pureed foods), and he seems to like it. I can put a bunch of veggie straws or puffs in front of him and he can pick them up and put them in his mouth - more like shovels them in his mouth, but he gets them in there!

He still loves playing with Hudson the best. He will tackle, tickle, pull, and play on top of Hudson as much as Hudson will allow. For being only 8 months old, the kid sure knows how to hold his own!

He loves being outside. We go on a walk and play outside every day as long as it's not raining, and he loves being outside. Unfortunately, I think he's going to have bad spring allergies like his parents, but it doesn't stop him or slow him down now.

He likes going to the park. We've found some really good parks here, and now that he can crawl, he likes crawling around on the equipment and "chasing" after Hudson. And he loves swinging. He laughs and kicks his feet the whole time!

He LOVES baths!! He and Hudson used to take separate baths and Foster would play in on the floor or in the exersaucer while I bathed Hudson. Well now, he will literally fuss, scream, and throw down until I put him in the bath anytime it's drawn. He loves being in the water. He just sits, splashes, kicks, and has a ball.

This little boy is such a joy! He is full of life and personality, loves to laugh and play, and has the sweetest smile that light up his beautiful blue eyes. 

We love you Foster Scott

God Bless

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

7 months

Foster is 7 months!

And will actually be 8 months in 5 days, so before I miss this month completely, here are just some pictures. I can't remember what he was doing new then compared to now, so I'll just have an extra long post for his 8th month. My apologies. 

God Bless