Thursday, January 30, 2014

the little things...

I always knew having a baby would change my life forever. And it has in more ways than one. But every way is a blessing beyond measure. I can't imagine our lives without Hudson anymore. He is the center of everything now, it seems; which is completely fine with me. If you've met this little boy, you know what I mean! He's the sweetest, happiest, most content baby I've met, and like I've said before, he brings more joy into our lives and our home than we could have ever hoped for.

So not only has he taken over our hearts, but he's also kinda taken over the house! Not even 6 months old and there are traces of him everywhere, which honestly, I love. It truly just makes my heart happy to see him every where! Its like little reminders of him and his sweet personality in every room.

I love walking into our house and seeing his stuff lying around - this is now a family home, not just a young married couple home.

Our table is Hudson Central - his bouncy seat sits at one end so he can watch us when we're in the kitchen, and his car seat is at the other (that's the easiest place to get him in and out of it).
 He has his own chair for his coats, sandwiched in-between a chair for mine and a chair for Paul's
 Bibs and burp cloths are any where and everywhere now! We/he is always seeming to need one or the other.

 He has his own little dish drying "grass". It fits perfectly on our counter right next to our drying mat.
 Doorways are no longer just for walking through. They are also perfect places to hang jumpy seats. This is probably one of Hudson's favorite places to hang out now! He loves being able to jump and spin and just laughs and laughs in it.
 Seating in chairs is optional - this one is reserved for Hudson's bags
 He has his own laundry detergent and stain remover - and plenty of laundry for it! It's amazing how someone so small can have so much laundry!
His clothes get laid out/hung up the night before school each day. He helps me choose what he wants to wear!
 His toys blend in with our things. "Sophie" moves all around the house now - she's quickly become a favorite toy for chewing (teeth may be coming soon!)
 Not to mention just finding his clothes strewn about here and there! Unfortunately that's mama's fault, not his! Hopefully he won't pick up that bad habit from me!

Each day with Hudson is a gift. I wouldn't trade the cleanest most organized and picture perfect house in all the world for what we have in our home.

God Bless

Saturday, January 18, 2014


Just some fun videos...

Please ignore my commentary and squeals of delight! I'm a first time mom and get really excited with all these little mile-stones!

Hudson rolling from his belly to his back!

Hudson rolling from his back to his belly!

Hudson in his new door jumper, which he LOVES, but Vance not being quite so sure about it

Friday, January 17, 2014

5 months!

My goodness, my baby is 5 months old!!

And he is growing like a weed, but in a GOOD way!!

He's growing and changing and developing new skills every day, and it is such a joy to watch him learn and figure things out!

-he rolled over from his belly to his back!
-he has started reaching and grasping for things. It was like all of sudden, over a weekend, he realized that his hands could hold things
-he can also put those things into his mouth! And will try to put anything in his mouth
-he loves being able to stand up and bear weight on his legs. He will be laying down, and I'll hold his hands and slightly pull him up to sitting, and then he'll want to go right into standing!
-we practice sitting up and he enjoys being up and able to look around
-he will reach for and play with my face!
-he still talks all the time! He doesn't say any consonants, yet, but I'm teaching him "ma-ma-ma" every day, and Paul is teaching him "da-da-da"! The funny thing is depending on his position, his talking changes! When he's on his back, he will laugh, and talk, and let out high pitch squeals! If he's on his belly, its more of a low tone grunt! When he's standing up and bouncing, it's a very light hearted laugh and chuckle, almost!
-he did go through the "4-5 month" sleep regression. I had read about it and was expecting it, but it wasn't too bad. He was just waking up more at night instead of sleeping 5-6 hours. Plus, his naps haven't been as good - usually only 30-45 minutes, not the recommended or typical 60-75 minute. But, he wakes up happy, and has great days, so I'm trying to not stress over it.
-he can put himself to sleep, which is great! And he's sleeping full time in the crib, now!
-when he's going to sleep, he'll kick his legs and wiggle, and will actually turn himself in the crib! If I put his head at one end of the crib when I lay him down, we'll go in and his head will be at the other end of the crib!
-his hair is starting to come back in! It's still light and fuzzy, but it's growing back!
-he's drooling a lot - so we're expecting teeth to cut through any time now!
-he is doing great at school, and the ladies who take care of him adore him! They have a lot of toys and exersaucers and things for him to play with, and he loves it! He's still a very social baby!
-he doesn't cry when I leave him, yet, but he does smile and laugh when I pick him up!
-he is still just a happy, content baby!

God has blessed up beyond imagine with this sweet little boy! He is amazing and brings such joy to everyone who knows him.

God Bless