Saturday, January 26, 2013

Long overdo

Obviously, I've been out for a while. I just checked my blog list, and the last post was Dec. 18 - over a month ago. My apologies!

A quick recap -

Christmas was wonderful. This year we spent the holiday with the Reids, which was very special. Paul's family came over to our house for a long weekend, and we loved hosting a full house!

New Years came and went just like any other night. I wasn't feeling well over my winter break, so I barely made it to midnight - I took a nap around 10 for an hour or so, and then woke up to watch the all parties on TV. Going to NYC for New Years would be on my bucket list except I really don't like cold weather. The crowds, and having to stand for hours and hours wouldn't bother me at all - but having to stand outside for hours and hours in the freezing cold just does not sound appealing to me.

School is going great!! I LOVE kindergarten! The kids in our class are precious, and they are doing so well. My Pinterest board for pre-school/kindergarten is overflowing, and I love finding new ideas. I'm hoping I'll have my own classroom next year - and I've told my principal I would love to be 4K or 5K again - we have a full day 4K program, which would be great too. We'll just have to see what comes available, and where the Lord wants me next year.

We found and have started attending a really sweet, traditional, small Southern Baptist Church. We heard about it from our college Sunday School teachers from Taylors, and visited in the fall. Since then, we've gotten to know some of the other couples in a Sunday School class we're attending, and have enjoyed being in a part of the church.

We've been busy, but we're also really enjoying where we are right now - our home, our jobs, our community, our friends. God is good, and we are enjoying this time He has given us.

God Bless