Saturday, May 28, 2016

10 months

Our little guy is 10 months old! Its hard to believe he'll be one year in only two months!

he is growing like a weed and getting so big
he has such a sweet personality, happy, funny, with the biggest and brightest smile
he is also developing another side, though! when he doesn't get what he wants, or he is told no, he will often cry and throw a little tantrum
he thinks "no" is a game - and will often ignore it, keep doing whatever it is he isn't supposed to be doing, and laugh the whole time
he is pulling up on anything and everything, cruising around while holding on to things, and starting to think about letting go. I'm sure as soon as he gets his hands on a walker he will be cruising and taking off
he loves blowing his lips, making sounds, and babbling 
he isn't clapping yet, but he has his own version of clapping and shouting "yah"
he is a wonderful eater! he loves to eat - meals, snacks, anything! he loves strawberries, pears, sweet potatoes, veggie straws, and caramel rice cakes! 
he loves standing on the couch and looking out the windows, watching the birds and cars go by, but especially when Hudson is near by and they can then rough house on the couch
waiting for Daddy to get home
he had another successful adventure! I took him with me to Nashville to celebrate my sister's birthday. He did so well on the plane rides, and had a lot of fun playing with his cousins, aunts, and grandparents. he just adapts and goes with the flow so easily!
Because life happens (two kids, endless to do lists, needing "me time"), I rarely get to just sit and hold him while he sleeps. However, while in Nashville, I took the opportunity to swing with him on a wonderful porch swing while he napped. It was honestly one of the highlights of my trip.
he still loves going to the park! With school letting out, though, and temperatures rising, I don't know how often we will get to the parks this summer. I'm afraid he'll get trampled by the big kids. maybe when he starts walking, we'll go more again.

opening cabinet doors and pulling everything out is a favorite pass time. unfortunately, he hasn't figured out how to put everything back just yet.
Ha! just playing with his tongue
he enjoys going out to eat, even though mom still packs all his meals. he's very social and enjoys watching all the people and things happening
this little playhouse is at our new house and he loves it! when we had to leave (because we haven't actually moved into the house yet), I had to pull him out of the play house kicking and screaming! he was so upset to leave. I foresee lots of summer days in our new backyard! we can't wait! 
he loves to ride in the little coup car, and again, pitches a fit when it's time to be done, but while he's riding (either driving or standing up on the back) he is as happy as can be