Tuesday, July 12, 2016

a bad bad boo boo

This past Monday was a day no mother wants to live through.
We went to the gym just like we do every Monday morning. I dropped the boys off at the kids klub, and went upstairs to run. Not even ten minutes in, someone came and got me and told me Hudson had fallen and was crying and wouldn't stop. I got my things, went into the room, and sure enough, he was on the floor, crying, and even I couldn't console him all the way. He was holding his ankle and saying it hurt. The sweet girl who was watching them said he slipped down some of the stair on one of the jungle gyms, but couldn't have been higher than one or two steps up. Thinking he had probably just sprained or twisted his ankle, I immediately took them home, but him in the bed and got him some ice. However, after over an hour of it still not feeling any better, I feared the worst, and decided to take him to the ER. He winced and cried anytime I tried to touch his leg, had to move him, or asked him to try to move it.
We got to the ER, they took some x-rays, and admitted him. A little bit later, the doctor came in and told us he had fractured his tibia and would need to get a cast! My poor little guy!
However, he has been so brave through it all, and actually did really well.

Documenting and observing the swelling in his ankle
 Waiting in the ER. He got to play the iPad, which helped distract him from the pain and what was going on
 He was such a little trooper
 The fracture in his tibia
 Conked out on the way home with his leg propped up on a blanket. It had been a long, rough morning, so thankfully he was able to rest in the car
 He had to have a full leg splint for a day until we could get him to a pediatric orthopedist to get a cast on
 Back at home with his new, half leg, blue cast. He will only have to wear it for three weeks, which is a lot shorter time than I was expecting! They gave him some extra bandages, so bunny got a splint too!
He still wanted to play though, so after resting for a few days, we took a wagon ride to the park and he got to swing.

And of course, he gets to ride in the stroller now, which he enjoys! We went to the farmers market and they had a petting zoo for the kids. He didn't want to actually get close to the animals, but he liked seeing them.
He'll be fine! Without a doubt.

(Update - he got the cast off, and is doing just fine, now!)