Saturday, January 9, 2016

5 Months

So Foster turned months on the 27th. With the holidays at the same time, I'm just now getting around to posting this. My apologies.

This is little fellow is doing amazingly! I can't believe how much he is growing!

-he is still rolling over on to his back non-stop, but doesn't roll back onto his back very much
-he is balancing on his hands and knees, and is starting to rock back and forth (aka, getting ready to crawl!!)
-he loves "standing" in his exersaucer, and being up right
-he is starting to sit up by himself for a few seconds
-he is really reaching for things when they are put in front of him (which can be good or bad depending on what Hudson puts in front of him)
-he puts everything in his mouth! (but no signs of teeth yet)
-he still doesn't like to sleep - he's the king of cat-naps, but we are working on him falling asleep by himself (I don't know if this is harder for him or me), and I think he's finally getting it, so hopefully longer naps and longer stretches at night will be in our near future!
-he LOVES to laugh and has the sweetest smile and laugh
-he still loves playing with Hudson and since he's getting bigger, he's more able to actually interact with him

God Bless