Sunday, March 8, 2015

Half Way!

We are very excited to announce that baby Reid #2 is a....


We had our 20 week ultrasound and were very pleased to find out that our little one is going to be a boy. Coming from a house of three girls, this is quite different for me! And needlesstosay, I will be greatly out numbered now! But I'm so ready for it - and SO excited! I hope Hudson and his brother can grow up close and be best friends! I already know he's going to be an amazing big brother. He's very loving and caring, and loves to help with everything. After getting over the shock of there being another baby, I know he's going to love his baby brother very much!

Getting ready to pull baby brother in the wagon! 

20 weeks. 

Some fun information:

size of baby - a banana
weight of baby - about 12 ounces
morning sickness - not all day anymore, thank the Lord! But still a little a night
cravings - none right now, but still craving more salty than sweet (which is a sign its a boy!)
movement - feeling little movements occasionally, nothing big yet, but it is fun to feel a little kick here and there!
sleeping - getting used to sleeping on my side, which make for long nights

And just to answer right now - yes we do have a name picked out! But we have decided to keep it a surprise just like we did with Hudson. Before the appointment, we had a named picked out for a girl, but hadn't even talked about boy names yet. Once we were home from the appointment, I threw out a name that I had been thinking about, and to my pleasant surprise, Paul liked it. And then he came up with the middle name, which I liked, and that was that! So we do have a name, but we have decided to wait to share it until we can formally introduce him!