Thursday, September 25, 2014

Catching up

It's been over a month - my apologies! We've been quite busy around here. The week after Hudson's birthday, school started, and we've been running full speed ever since!

My little kiddos at school keep me running ALL day long (we got 19 5 year olds!), but this year is going well so far. I have my own classroom this year (as opposed to being an assistant as I had been the past two years). While enjoy this position, and having my own room, it's a lot more work and stress. I try to do as much as I can at school and not bring anything home, and 9 out of 10 times, I can. When I'm at school I'm Mrs. Reid. But as soon as I leave the building, I'm mommy again, and I want all of my attention to be about taking care of my sweet boy (who I miss desperately throughout the day) and my husband (who I also miss!). It's not easy, but I just keep telling myself it's a season of life that God has given me, and I will rejoice with each new day no matter what.

Here's a little from the past 7 weeks!

Hudson started his second year of school. It's crazy that he can walk into school all by him self this year!
 He loves his toy lawn mower and he wants to push it all over the yard, driveway, sidewalk, wherever he can!
 This kid seriously loves yogurt and cottage cheese! And he's feeding himself (with a little help)! Yah!
 Instilling a love for books and reading early on is key for reading success! (also, just pulling them off the shelf is really fun, too)
 Clemson football started, and we have enjoyed watching the games and cheering on our Tigers! Hudson went to his first tail-gate this year, and had a blast playing! And Paul and I got to go in and watch - it was my first game in over a year! It was fun to be back! 
 We spend probably 20-30 minutes every afternoon outside. He loves being outside! We collect acorns, leaves, pine straw, anything and everything! 
 Cutest kid on the block, hands down!
 Did I mention he loves cottage cheese but also likes to share?! 
 Due to some scary spray, blue, foam soap, baths in the bathtub are negotiable. Sometimes, we do what we have to do - if that means bath in the kitchen sink, then bath time in the kitchen sink it is! (Don't worry, we clean it before and after!)
 Mommy teaches reading, Daddy teaches the molecular properties of water. I think we're going to have a genius here, folks! 

He's just a happy little boy, who loves to play, laugh, and have fun! Each new stage is exciting with him, and he brings so much joy to everyone who knows him, especially me and his Daddy.

God Bless.