Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Celebrating it all

Last weekend Paul and I traveled to Beaufort, SC to celebrate our 30th birthdays (a little belated, but better late than never), our 7th wedding anniversary, and our baby moon.
Beaufort is a cute town, and we really enjoyed walking around the main street, and along a new trail. The town is really old, like Revolutionary War old, and there are some gorgeous old homes, cemeteries, and parks. We spent the mornings exploring and walking, and then spent the afternoons resting, something neither of us do much of anymore! It was actually really nice to just be lazy and have nothing to do. :) Plus, we were able to walk to a great ice cream shop down the road and the inn we stayed at had homemade pies every night for guests - at 35 weeks pregnant, I was not about to pass either of those up (don't judge)!
The Rhett House Inn where we stayed. 

The Spanish Moss Trail - great for walking! 

Hudson got to spend the weekend with his Gigi and Papa, and I don't think he really missed us that much! He had a blast going on bike rides with Papa, swimming at the pool, trying new foods (Gigi is a great cook!), taking walks around the block, and playing with new/different toys. It was hard leaving him for so long, but he did really well, and now we know that we can leave him and we'll all be ok!
Trying corn on the cob with Papa! 
Not so sure about all the people and the pool,
but glad to see that he at least got in and tried swimming with Papa. 
Baby Reid #2 is doing great! I am now 36 weeks along and everything is on track! It is really hard to believe that he will be here with us in 4 weeks! Everybody keeps asking if we're ready - and the answer is yes and no. Yes, we're ready for him to be here, but technically, maybe not so much. We don't have the car seat, bouncy seat, swing, or infant clothes pulled out yet, nor is my hospital bag packed. But, we're also just ready to have him with us and to start our lives as a family of four. I'm anxious again about the all nighters and how Hudson will adjust, but we will figure it out one day at a time. We have a lot of support, and for that we are very grateful!

All we can say now is we'll keep everyone updated and informed as "the day" gets closer! Hudson was induced 2 days late, so there's no telling when this little boy will make his debut. Prayers for a safe and healthy (and optimally quick) delivery would be greatly appreciated!

God Bless

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer is HERE

Actually it's been here for a couple of weeks, and we are loving it!

Before I left school for summer, we had to complete an assignment about what we were doing this summer. I basically said this summer was all about transitions. Transitioning to a full time stay-at-home-Mommy; transitioning Hudson to a new room with a big boy bed, and drinking from big boy cups; transitioning to having a new baby in our lives! Change is hard, especially for a little toddler boy, and two parents who like to have everything planned out and prepared for!

But so far, every thing is going great!

I am loving my time at home with my sweet little boy. Hudson loves his new room and is actually doing GREAT in his new bed! We started with just the mattress on the floor, and he did amazing. When his bed finally came, he was a little hesitant at first, but then got right on in, and has been fine since! He hasn't fallen out yet, which is great, and has learned that he has to stay in the bed until we come and get him.

We spend our days playing outside or in his playroom, reading, coloring, and exploring new things. Its not uncommon for Hudson to wear two or three different outfits each day just because he gets dirty, wet, sweaty, and hot. But I honestly don't mind the extra laundry - if it means my little guy and I are making memories in one form another, it's fine by me!

I'll post an update on Baby Boy #2 next week - I hope to get a 35 week photo this weekend!
Yes - 35 weeks along!! Hard to believe that he will be here in less than 6 weeks!!

God Bless